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Brennan Integration Work (BIW)

I also offer Brennan Integration Work (BIW), designed specifically to support students in the 4-year training program at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH) with their personal process requirement.

What is Brennan Integration Work Good For?

  • Brennan Integration Work is a good fit for anyone who wishes to try an alternative (or complement) to more traditional forms of therapy.
  • Brennan Integration Work explores psychodynamics within a body-centered and energetic framework, which often unlocks blocked (or out of conscious awareness) emotions and thoughts, and allows them to be more fully processed and metabolized. This in turn often leads to improved health, well-being and more satisfying relationships.
  • The work is done within a spiritual framework respectful of all beliefs and traditions.

What can I expect in a typical session?

  • Each personal process session is unique and depends on what’s most pressing for the client. But, in general, each session presents an opportunity to learn more about the self; an opportunity to explore both the difficult and seemingly mundane issues of life that often yield rich material for personal transformation. Always honoring a client’s own inner authority, the work identifies and clarifies such things as: repeating body-centered energetic patterns, the quality and strength of the client’s connection to the ground (and their own body), and the deeper psychological and spiritual significance of the personal issues presented.
  • For students at the school, the sessions help process the myriad of issues that arise during the intensive 4-year training program, both the residential component and the work back home.
  • The focus is on creating a safe space for all that is present (and longing to be present), and not rushing to fix or problem solve.
  • Sessions generally run an hour. Longer sessions are available upon request.

How is Brennan Integration Work different than Brennan Healing Science?

  • BIW Practitioners have completed at least an additional two years of training in the Advanced Studies program at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing either in Miami or Austria, which included their own continuing personal process work sessions with a Supervisor. The training is a comprehensive program synthesizing many practices and traditions, and providing the hands-on opportunity to practice various body-centered, therapeutic techniques. However, even more importantly, there is an underlying focus on developing the capacity to be, which translates into being a clearer, compassionate presence with their clients. Many practitioners continue their own professional and personal development under the guidance of on-going Supervision.
  • The structure of the sessions varies by practitioner. The BIW sessions generally have a more intense focus on a client’s personal process, and are primarily a body-centered, energetic, talking process. The Brennan Healing Science sessions are similar but the personal process segment is generally shorter and is followed by hands-on energy work on the healing table.

Disclaimer: I do not medically diagnose, prescribe treatment or promise medical cures or recoveries. If you have a physical injury or disease condition, I ask that you be in the care of a licensed medical professional. I do not advise you to discontinue any medical treatment or medications that you may be receiving.